The Techsperience

The Techsperience [/ˈtekˈspirēəns/] is a ideaology at Real Time that is centric to your users.  Businesses rely on their users, and users rely on Technology. It is the interaction that your users have with Technology and their Experience that makes them productive. It is most important to a user that it works for them, their way, when they need it, every time.

At Real Time, we have over a million hours of technical experience applied to businesses like yours. Our Executives, Front & Back Office Staff, Technicians, and Engineers are all connected in providing The Techsperience for you. 

It is our unique principle of focusing on the user that is the core of The Techsperience

Because of this commitment, we are happy to provide several completely FREE services. These services are performed specifically for your environment.

There is no commitments, or costs for these items to any interested company.

Our Network Survey is run against the internal network and will generate several reports on network assets and client risk.


Our Vulnerability Assessment will provide detailed reports on any exposure that you have to the Internet. It is a completely non-invasive test.


Our Dark Web Scan will show you what information from your company’s domain has been propagated to the dark web.


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